Mr. Huckaby

Hello all. This is a very trying time for everyone involved. This is a new experience for everyone, and at times there may be some hiccups or "technical difficulties", but if we all remain patient we can get through this successfully until we return to a regular school schedule. Please keep checking in on this page periodically as there may be some important information regarding assignments. I will do my best to keep up with each class' Remind, and periodically send out notices through the app. If you have not downloaded the app, please do so ASAP. I have included a list of all classes, invite codes, and direct signup links below. 
Class Name and Period Text code below to 81010 Internet link to Join
1st & 2nd Period Intro to Welding @12welding
4th Period Ag Business @4agbus
5th Period Principles of Construction @5princonst
6th Period Ag Equipment and Design @6equip
7th & 8th Period Mech and Metal @78mechmet​
Assignments will be available beginning Monday March 23rd through Google Classroom. If at any point you are having difficulty getting assignments online, they will be available in printed format in the high school foyer. 
Classroom codes are as follows.
Intro to Welding - knrjpow
Ag Business Management - a6zipe4
Principles of Construction - 7caqthv
Ag Equipment Desgn and Fab - jn2uoae
Ag Mech and Metal - tjpipct