Seniors Prepare for Their Futures

THS held the first Practical Skills Training Day this week.  This day was designed so that soon-to-be-graduating students would be exposed to a variety of real-life experiences.  Jarrod Wallum from Austin bank shared some basic banking skills such as writing a check and balancing your bank account.  Mrs. Thomas went over the essential steps of taking care of the laundry.  Mr. Minnix explained some basic car maintenance and changing a flat tire.  Mrs. Steen guided students as they prepared a quick meal from a Tik-Tok recipe.  Students also learned about personal safety and situational awareness from Officer Kyndal Brawn.  It was eye-opening for the teachers and staff when they discovered how many students needed to learn these skills.
THS counselor Mrs. Martin paired the day with College Signing Day, a day set aside to recognize students and their post-secondary education pursuits. Seniors played games in the halls and collected treats and swag from different colleges.  It is a fun day at Troup High School with the goal of exposing all grade levels to the idea of extending their education past high school and getting them to think about their futures!
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