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It's a great day in Troup America.
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3- US History
4- Pre-AP US History
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8- HS Boys Athletics
      Due to the Covid-19 going around I'll be posting your assignments on this webpage.  The week of Mar. 23-27 your assignment goes like this:
View 3 of the  "Vietnam in HD"  documentaries.
      The Beginning
      Tet Offensive
      An Endless War
Write a half page summary of the information discussed in the documentaries.  E-mail your summaries to [email protected].  I appreciate your hard work so far this year, and your flexibility during this online class time.  I look forward to your thoughts on the US involvement in the Vietnam Conflict.
Coach Brashear
US History students,
        Your assignment for the week of March 30-April 3:
"View the Food that Built America" on youtube.  It is a history channel documentary, so if you have Netflix it will more than likely be on there.  Pick your favorite rivalry between food tycoons, and write a summary about the empires they built.  Include how capitalism, innovation, and competition advanced in the food industry.  Capitalism breeds greatness.
Also start working on the key terms packet.  Attempt to get the first 88 terms defined on a separate sheet of paper.  These are terms from the beginning of the year to review.  There are terms all the way to the G. W. Bush administration we will work on till we return to school.
Coach Brashear.   
US History students of Troup America,
     Apr. 13 - Apr. 17 Assignment goes as follows.
Keep defining terms this week.  The terms for the week are from 1870 - 1920.  The numbers on the packet are 193 - 229.  Continue reviewing the year in vocabulary terms.  
Coach Brashear
US history students of Troup,
   The week of Apr. 20 - Apr. 24 I am going to break up the monotony of vocabulary words.  Complete the crossword puzzle over the Amendments.  If you do not have access to the packet at the school, list all 27 Amendments.  Then pick one in particular that applies to your life, and how it has impacted you.
Coach Brashear
My US History apprentices,
April 27 - May 1
   I have located a packet that will make both our lives easier through this time in our lives.  The term packet is from the beginning of class through what we have gone over this school year.  You can fill in the answers and turn the packet in next week.  Just matching no short answers or essays on this work for the week.  Keep reviewing, and getting the key points of historical information in your head. 
Coach Brashear