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I started a long time ago in the Troup school system and today I am very happy to come back to Troup and teach.  This is going into my 28th year as a teacher coach and my 13th at Troup high School.  I will be teaching Human Anatomy and Advanced Animal Science this year.  During the course of the year we will stay very busy with hands on activities.  Students will also be responsible for projects to do throughout the year.  I believe that students should have fun in class which goes along with my personality.  I will also use strategies to get students to get outside the box and challenge them to think like a scientist.
I received my degree (Bachelor’s of Science - Kinesiology) in 1992 fromTexas A&M University and have taught at Royal High School and Scurry-Rosser High School.  Other colleges that helped me along the way were Hill Jr. College, SFA, and Blinn.  During that time I played baseball and rugby along with countless dates with my wife to the intramural fields.

I also have been in the coaching ranks for 28 years.  Currently I am the secondary coach and tennis coach. 
How to contact me!
Troup High School
927 Arp Dr.
PO Box 578
Troup, TX 75789
903-842-3065 ext. 2012
Fax 903-842-5199
If you would like to schedule a time to meet, I am available from 1:50 to 2:30.
A little look at my life!
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If you are eligible for modifications ......
Do the even numbered questions -- I will have to go back and fix grade (computer will grade automatically) -- I will grade the even numbered only by hand.
Also you may have extra time -- send me an email!
Anything you need explained we can email or I can give you a call just let me know.

Week of March 23 - Animal Science

Log in to your ICEV and complete the student notes over livestock nutrition. This will be for 3 weeks (it is a lot!). Email me if you have questions -- Stay Safe!

Week of March 23rd - Anatomy

We will start the Urinary system this week.  A little trial and error!!! Find the reference material link and you will find the Information to complete the assignments.  To find the assignments log in to skyward and click on the assignment in the grade book.  After you have completed them the grade will post!  Email me if you have questions!  Stay safe!